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Did You Miss It? Your Recap And Recording of The MGMT Playbook "Live"

The Performance Reviews Survival Guide + Leadership Q&A Coaching

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If you missed it, a bunch of us got together on Wednesday for another MGMT Playbook Live.

We covered a lot of ground:

How to Survive Performance Reviews

  • 0:00 - Welcome & Intros

  • 7:30 - The Impact Equation

  • 10:50 - The Why Behind Reviews

  • 17:00 - What Excellent Looks Like

  • 25:15 - Coach Prime + Clean Slate vs. Clean House

  • 28:09 - Why I Hate the 9 Box + How To Deal With It

  • 29:50 - Common Problems And Dealing With Them

Open Q&A Coaching Session

  • 35:08 - Navigating Limited Money for Raises

  • 39:18 - The Right Path To Take Over Leading A New Team

  • 42:40 - The Role of Core Values In Performance Evaluations

  • 47:57 - Dealing With Toxic Employees

  • 52:11 - Accountability When Times Are Good

  • 57:39 - Employee Development vs. Performance Reviews

As readers of the MGMT Playbook, you can access the recording here.
Passcode: P3^&MaBh

Here are a couple of resources we referenced in the call:

Finally, if you are contemplating joining our October MGMT Accelerator cohort and want to connect, let's meet next week.

⏰ Grab some time that works for you.

We promise to tell you if we can help you untangle your biggest management challenge.

We’ll be back to our regular schedule next week.

Appreciate you!

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