How Can You Help Your Team Avoid Layoffs?

10 foolproof rules to make your team bulletproof.

Storm Chasers at a safe(ish) distance

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Nothing is truly foolproof. 

But small changes can massively improve your odds of success.

And I keep getting asked:

“How can I protect my team from layoffs?”

Here's how I'd prepare my team to weather the coming storm.

1. Know the Score

Where does your company stand? Cutting headcount? Cutting costs? 

You need to align your effort 100% in support of that reality.

2. Pre-negotiate Success

You should have done it months ago, but agree now:

"When my team hits this one number, the year is a huge success."

3. Ruthlessly Edit

Work backward from winning. What are the key problems to solve? 

Flood the zone until the dam breaks. Then, hunt the new bottleneck.

4. Act Like An Owner

For every dollar your customer gives you, return multiples in value.

Act swiftly if someone on your team turns a dollar into fifty cents.

5. Settle Old Debts

Unresolved problems accrue psychic interest. Clear them out. 

Then sit down with your boss and close the books on them.

6. Call In New Favors

Those relationships you and your team invested in? 

Now's the time to make one high-impact ask of each of them.

7. Crank Up the Volume

In times of crisis, communication should go up, not down. 

Find high-leverage ways to tell your team's story. Hint: a weekly Loom.

8. Dial Down the Drama

That toxic employee holding you back? Fire them.

That disagreement distracting the team? Dissent and commit.

9. Lease Don't Buy

Missing capacity or a key person on the team? 

Skip recruiting. Add fractional or freelance help for speed and flexibility.

10. Defend Distractions

Committees. Tasks forces. Administrative projects. Default to “No.”

Let the others drown in overhead. You swim in what matters.

Bonus: Prepare Ahead of Worry

Mediocre managers react. Great leaders respond. The difference is preparation.

If you wait to prepare until you’re worried, it’s often too late.

Podcast Appearance

Many podcasts started as a way for the host to meet interesting people. But I’ve learned that being a guest on a podcast has a similar effect.

Each host brings a different perspective that challenges my thinking and opens a dialogue with a new community.

My high watermark on both accounts was my conversation with Andrew Youderian of eCommerceFuel.

We talked about how to...

  • Avoid making bad hires.

  • Use radical candor to retain talent.

  • Discover what type of leader you are.

Find it on Spotify, Apple, or your favorite platform.

Is there a podcast you love that I should try and get on? Please just hit reply to this email and give me your ideas. 

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