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Leadership Rewind: Revisiting The 12 Best MGMT Playbooks of 2024

The systematic leader's guide to the tools, tactics and templates that let you regain control and grow your confidence

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Leaders are constantly overwhelmed. This time of year especially.

  • Performance reviews

  • Strategic planning

  • Holiday giving

So, instead of adding another playbook to your overstuffed inbox, I thought I’d highlight some of the most popular ones you may have missed.

Or if you’re like 7,981 super fans who’ve read more than 25 editions, maybe this will remind you of an idea you want to revisit and implement to start 2024.

Action over aspiration.

When in doubt: Do half as much, twice as well.

And before we get to the list, please know how much we appreciate you. It’s honestly hard to wrap our minds around what this community has become in just 18 months.

Some key stats:

And countless new, meaningful relationships that reshaped our lives.

Marsden and I have been rethinking our strategy and setting ambitious goals. We are excited to shape 2024.

And more than anything, we’re humbled you’ll be a part of it.

Wishing you a joyful holiday and a truly prosperous new year.

With gratitude,

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